The Board of Commissioners for Benton County Fire Protection District #6 has set the following meeting dates for the year 2015.  All meetings are held at 7pm at the Paterson Fire Station, 48001 Prior Ave Paterson, Washington. Meetings are held on the second Monday of each month.


JANUARY             12

FEBRUARY           09

MARCH                09

APRIL                    13

MAY                      11

JUNE                     08

JULY                       13

AUGUST              10

SEPTEMBER        14

OCTOBER             12

NOVEMBER        09

DECEMBER          14

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Winter Driving Tips

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Driving can be a challenging task in good weather conditions, but add in the factors of snow, fog, and/or ice and the task can become dangerous.  If driving in winter conditions can be avoided it is best to do so.  If driving is unavoidable stick to the highways/roads most often travelled as they are more likely to have been plowed or sanded by road crews.  On the roads less traveled it could hours before someone drives by to assist you.

Leave for your destination with plenty of time for travel and keep the speed within your vehicle and your own abilities.

An open parking lot is a great place to get used to bad conditions after a long summer of good weather.

On Icy/Snowy Roads:

¨ Keep the speed to a minimum and leave plenty of room to stop.

¨ Apply the brakes gently to avoid skidding.

¨ Keep the windshield clean and the vehicle headlights on.

¨ Bridges, overpasses, and infrequently traveled roads will be the first to collect ice.

If your Vehicle gets stuck:

¨ Do not spin your wheels, it will only dig your vehicle deeper.

¨ Use a shovel to dig snow out from the tires as well as a path in the direction you want to go.

¨ Apply gentle pressure to the gas pedal and avoid sharp movements of the steering wheel.

¨ Call for help early; It could be a while from the time you call till help arrives.

¨ Items to put in a winter safety kit: Shovel, tire chains, ice scraper, road flares, flashlight, batteries, water, snacks, blanket, gloves, and boots.

Sources: The Weather Channel, WSDOT, and National Safety Council.

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Notice of Budget Hearing

The Benton County Fire District 6 Board of Commissioners, in accordance with RCW 84.55.120, will conduct the annual revenue source hearing for its expense Budget on November 10, 2014. The hearing will begin at 6:45pm, at the Paterson Fire Station located at 48001 Prior Ave Paterson, WA 99345. The purpose of this hearing will be to receive public input and to consider whether property tax revenues will need to be increased prior to the adoption of the 2015 BCFD6 annual budget and the levying of the District’s 2015 tax levy. The hearing will occur before the regularly scheduled Commissioner Meeting.


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BCFD6 Board of Commissioners Special Meeting

Monday – November 03, 2014 – 7:00pm

Location: Benton County Fire District 6 Paterson Station – 48001 Prior Ave Paterson, WA 99345


The Benton County Fire District Commissioners Board Chairman has called for a Special Meeting of the Board of Commissioners to be held on Monday, November 03rd at 7:00 pm. the purpose of this meeting is to replace the regularly scheduled Commissioner meeting for October 13th, 2014 that was cancelled.

During this meeting the Commissioners will address the following:

  • Review and approve October expenditures and meeting notes.
  • Receive information from the Fire Chief on project status, district information and purchases.
  • Discuss the recently held community meetings, develop a future plan.
  • Review a draft 2015 budget. District budget, planning and priorities. Set a budget hearing date.


The meeting will be held at the Benton County Fire District 6 Paterson station located at: 48001 Prior Ave Paterson, WA 99345.


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First of Three Community Meetings Held

On September 10th the Board of Commissioners and staff of Benton County Fire District 6 met with members of the Plymouth community at the Plymouth fire station. This meeting was the first of three meetings planned throughout the Fire District. During the meeting the Commissioners and staff were able to inform the public on current State requirements, staffing issues and budget. Participants were able to ask questions, voice concerns and discuss issues directly with the Commissioners. The meeting was very helpful in identifying expectations and options for the future of BCFD6.

The next meeting will be held at the Paterson fire station, 48001 Prior Ave in Paterson,  Monday – September 22 – at 6:00 pm. It is our sincere hope that all citizens and business representatives of the District will attend and take part in guiding the future of this District.

The third meeting will be held at the Sunheaven Station on Gwinn Road – Monday- October 06 – at 6:00 pm.

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